Iquitos: barco
a la deriva

I’m not surprised that something of a misunderstanding remains to be dispelled, even in people who think they’re following me. Don’t think I’m expressing any disappointment here. That would be to be in disagreement with myself, since I teach you that misunderstanding is the very basis of interhuman discourse.

Jacques Lacan
Lexicon 105: Something of a Misunderstanding


not a map

and certainly not a tourist

place to place

bucket lists and guidebooks
schedules and travel advisories
the USA Today

collecting experiences
like stamps in a passport
miles traveled
trinkets from the market

look where i’ve been

a wish
a fantasy
a tourist

an emotional tourist

look for their sneakers
oh, how they love their sneakers

opening themselves
and to impress
little more

your soul
a selfie

they love you
they love diet coke

no matter

they drink all the same

It’s good
but only when it’s cold

when they’ve had their fill
into the recycling bin
(unless a trash can is closer)


let them dine at TGIFridays
retreating to their hotels
their marriots, holiday inns
the best western
(that one in the good part of town)

safely separated
elevators and keycards
behind glass
animals the zoo

but not too close

the man at the front desk
tells them where to go
he knows
he works here

trust is not time

the gringo
(ok, gringa)

looks but does not see
talks but does not speak
visits but not stay

no matter

share your table
with the worthy
the few

the sneakerless

Saturday 23 March 17:46:38


Every story may not have a photograph but every photograph has a story.