I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning. […] The game is worthwhile insofar as we don’t know what will be the end.

Michel Foucault
Lexicon 28: What I Am


What’s the occasion…

It’s Tuesday?

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday becomes Wednesday
then Thursday

Friday (sometimes)

just a little
not as much
as I would have

Happy Tuesdays

in situ

can sometimes be
a little sad.

Thursday 21 September 16:57:19

Thursday 21 September 16:57:19


Why this
(and not something else)

The majority of my work takes place in the Session space.

Still, I have other interests.
Do other stuff.

And sometimes, but not always, I bring my camera along.


Saturday 18 February 07:15:39

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Friday 30 Mar 23:27:16

Monday 16 April 23:31:01

Friday 11 November 07:43:24   [11.11.11]

Friday 11 November 07:43:24



Wednesday 19 February 23:47:21

[Therapy Station Totem]

Saturday 11 May 22:18:21

[The view from 402]


Iquitos: barco a la deriva


I’m not surprised that something of a misunderstanding remains to be dispelled, even in people who think they’re following me. Don’t think I’m expressing any disappointment here. That would be to be in disagreement with myself, since I teach you that misunderstanding is the very basis of interhuman discourse.
— Jacques Lacan | Lexicon 105

Saturday 23 March 17:40:24


One night I had many dreams,
the most clear a boat at sea
We were all there
the water, celeste
the sun, warm
my friends, content


Saturday 23 March 17:49:10



There’s something nice about the desert.
You know what I mean?


I prefer to live in a world with accidents
and mystery
and destruction

there is a price
[i’m sure]

so put it on my tab
i’ll pay when i go



c. 1997

Sunday 25 November 10:57:47



Rome is my favorite city.

The sights, and sounds
the smells, the history
the people


Hard to capture on film
Far better to experience

I love Rome.
But I didn’t always

When I arrived
I did not want to stay

When I stayed
I did not want to leave

And when I left
I want to return.

To love or hate
To stay or go

To bind or loose

A fine balance,
to be sure

But a choice.

Choose wisely.

Time will tell.

Sunday 25 November 12:10:01

To love or hate, to stay or go, to bind or loose: choose wisely.

das stimmt!
— Randy from Kansas
Sunday 2 October 00:44:40

Sunday 2 October 00:44:40



[the ghost in the machine (there’s just something about you)]


Gain &
[Her companion]


all that you gain

and things

the stuff of life
collected along the way

you will lose

fear not
we are all poor men
hand outstretched
and empty
waiting for coins
from strangers

omnia mea mecum porto
the end is near

you may start with gain
but it will be with loss
that you finish

Saturday 29 December 16:30:15

Saturday 29 December 16:30:15

Saturday 29 December 17:09:11

Saturday 29 December 17:09:11


Third-base threesome, a roofie, and a robbery

Once I was drugged and robbed.

They took a lot of stuff. But not everything.
They left all the presents under my Christmas tree.

At first I was pissed. Then I laughed. Later I smiled.

I lost a lot of stuff that night. Cameras, computers, even my friend Drew’s hand. All in, about $20,000.00.

Sure, I lost stuff. But the most valuable thing I lost that night - the most important - was the void that having this experience filled.

Some ask whether such an experience was worth $20,000.

(but I highly recommend getting insurance)

Shit happens.
Use it all.


Some Exercises

Make it your study then to confront every harsh impression with the words, ‘You are but an impression, and not at all what you seem to be’. Then test it by those rules that you possess; and first by this - the chief test of all - ‘Is it concerned with what is in our power or with what is not in our power?’ And if it is concerned with what is not in our power, be ready with the answer that it is nothing to you.

Lexicon 8: Creative Practices

What disturbs men’s minds is not events but their judgements on events.
— Epictetus (Lexicon 101: You Will Not Be Disturbed)

Saturday 21 July 16:02:40

What destroyed me before
saves me now.
— Len Luterbach | Grey People
Thursday 12 July 15:22:52

Thursday 12 July 15:22:52

We must try to get rid of it, it is killing you both.
I see it coming.
— Grete Samsa | The Metamorphosis

Thursday 23 June 17:03:16

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You may as well enjoy yourself.


Every story may not have a photograph but every photograph has a story.
— Len Luterbach | Manual [I:31]