The Body
(is not an object) 

Whether it is a question of another's body or my own, I have no means of knowing the human body other than that of living it, which means taking up on my own account the drama which is being played out in it, and losing myself in it.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Lexicon 34: The Body (Is Not An Object)


The work does not declare.
The work reveals.

Ask yourself
What do you see

Do you see hands, legs, nipples
Color or shape or pixels
Do you see light or dark
black or white
Do you see beauty, vulgarity
exposure, strength
tragedy, joy
hope, despair
Do you see objects or
Do you see people

What do you see

The work does not declare.
The work reveals.

It is a mirror.

The mirror is mine.
The reflection is yours.


Thursday 4 March 19:33:34


Why this
[and not something else]


The emphasis of my work is on freedom and the Creative Practice. And for nearly as long as I have worked with photography, the body has been fundamental to this work.

The body, as S/subject, is compelling. Universal, personal, and profound. Familiar and mysterious. A prison that tells us to go free.

This work depicts the body. But its reality - its truth - is not contained on this page. It is not a product of the camera nor found in any depiction. The truth of the body is found elsewhere. And elsewhere is what this work - all my work - is about.

The body is not an object.
It’s not the skin it’s what’s within.


Two things are certain about freedom: that we are never determined and yet that we never change, since, looking back on what we were, we can always find hints of what we have become.

It is up to us to understand both these things simultaneously, as well as the way freedom dawns in us without breaking our bonds with the world.

Marurice Merleau-Ponty

Lexicon 45: Freedom and Self-Emergence

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Sunday 27 May 18:23:11

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Sunday 27 May 18:30:57


The Session

The Creative Dynamic is an unfolding.
Being in the world but not of the world.

To photograph that which cannot be photographed. To capture that which has no form yet casts a reflection.

The elsewhere - and discourse is the path.

The creator relationship isn’t black and white. It’s grey. This is the work of the unsaid. And this is the C/creator paradox. This is where the work takes place - in das Offene - the Open.


Open your eyes, your ears
mouth, arms, and legs

Your mind
Your heart

The Open is the place of being

The Open, opens.

Everything is connected.



Truth in the new(d) you

There are other ways. Neither right, nor wrong, nor my own.

The role nudity plays is an important part of my process. Not as a simple matter of depiction but as a way to enter the Open and explore the elsewhere.

This isn’t about right and wrong, sin or culture or vanity. This is about knowledge, experience, and understanding.

I believe that the path of an artist is one of self-awareness. This can be lonely, confusing, and challenging. And rewarding. There is a price to pay. Freedom is not free.

if you’re going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
you will be alone with the
and the nights will flame with

Charles Bukowski
Lexicon 98 | If

There are many ways to walk such a path. This happens to be the thread I have pulled. I will follow it until I find the end (or the end finds me). 

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not a map

and certainly not a tourist


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Works at Uninhibited Dry Goods


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Some Exercises

FIRST Stand with your legs apart, the width between your feet being approximately that of the width between your shoulders and let your toes point slightly toward each other. Place your hands on the back of your hips so that the thumbs rest on the hip-bone and your middle fingers touch at the base of the spine. Lower your knees and arch yourself backward.

After a while this might feel slightly uncomfortable, but persevere. Your whole body should start shaking at this point, just allow that to happen for a few minutes, again going a bit further than you think is comfortable.

SECOND Lie down and simply concentrate on your breathing. Not in the sense that you are controlling the breath, but rather as being an outside observer. Nothing should exist but your attention and your pattern of breath. Go on for about seven minutes.

THIRD Lie down, preferably on a hard surface but with a soft headrest. Draw up your knees and let your feet rest on the soles. As you breathe in, push back with your hips and the back of your head. As you breathe out, lift your hips and your head slightly so that your weight rests on the feet, your back and shoulders. Do this for five minutes.

FOURTH Ritual.

Source: Thee Psychick Bible (199)


Every story may not have a photograph but every photograph has a story.
— Len Luterbach | Manual [I:31]